Encyclopaedia Arcane: Dragon Magic - Power Incarnate

Encyclopaedia Arcane: Dragon Magic - Power Incarnate

  • Publish Date: 2003-05-20
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Alejandro Melchor
Encyclopaedia Arcane d20
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Dragon Magic is all about harnessing the raw power of dragonkind, getting to the very roots of magic and uncovering the deepest mysteries - it takes a great deal of time, patience and understanding, but the true Dracomancer has few equals and may even be powerful enough to bend Dragons themselves to his will. The path to adding Dragon Magic to your sorcerer, wizard or bard can start very early but this is a discipline that only truly bears fruit at the highest of levels. And its effects can be frightening.

Dragon Magic kicks off with an overview of the art, covering the components that actually make spells work and how they relate to dragons, the Dragonsong, the High Draconic language, dragon bloodlines and the True Wordsof power. This is built upon by the next chapter, Draconic - Language of Magic, which provides all the basic tools a practitioner needs if he is to adopt Dragon Magic. Students must work hard to learn High Draconic (it is not simply 'just' another language), and its application has a permanent drain on magical abilities. With this, however, comes new benefits - spellcasting using High Draconic permits a caster to alter spells on the fly as if affected by a Metamagic feat but with no actual requirement to have learnt the feat in the first place - if you have ever wondered how your wizard could possible use all the metamagic feats currently available to him, this is one route he can try. The risk is having the spell backfire with a number of different effects, so a practitioner must be cautious, balancing his skill in High Draconic with the desired effects. With High Draconic also comes an understanding of the Words of Power, similar to power word spells but with greatly extended capabilities. These are the roots of all magical spells, and a practitioner can now, for the first time, access this base magic directly. Last, there are the Dragonsongs, the tools of bardic practitioners who learn the chorus all dragons sing

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