Australia'S Sovereignty & Unfaithful Governance

Australia'S Sovereignty & Unfaithful Governance

  • Publish Date: 2019-01-01
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Revd Dr Graham J Whelan OAM
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The main reason for this book concerns what I believe is an assault on our Sovereignty in Australia. My recent book and research While Australia Sleeps documented the problems of immigration and people who cannot and will not assimilate.In this research I further comment on this serious issue.Before examining the main subject of this research:A Definition of Governance, Governance has to do with the action, function and the manner of governing with honesty and true justice to the punishment of wickedness and vice and the maintenance of our Christian civilization, Christian heritage and way of life with peace in accordance with our Constitution of The Commonwealth of Australia.This book concerns what I, and indeed many Australians would, consider to be a disgraceful decision by those who govern us.My research and concerns begin with comments made to our Federal Member concerning funds allocated to illegals detained on Manus Island. These people accused the Australian people that they were held illegally. n this research I will mention a dozen times or more the loyalty, courage, honour and endurance of our forefathers who gave their youth and lives for our freedom and peace we now enjoy in this wonderful land Australia.Also in this research I express my sadness of being offended, hurt and discriminated against by a Muslim person at Colo in Windsor, NSW Council area. The report was of great concern especially when we think of a pledge of commitment that immigrants were to abide by, as defined years ago by Chris Bowen.The above report showed on the Nine Network, A Current Affair (Tracey Grimshaw) 22/8/18, Episode 168. It was offensive. A self-styled Muslim group began illegal tree clearing and building at Colo, NSW. Council officers went to inspect, and the person in charge of the illegal work said: my religion comes before any governance and you dogs, I step on your Cross, your Cross is under my feet. (They then spat at the Council officers). I am offended this action is of great concern.When I was very young in the early 1950s; I remember my parents had a kerosene fridge and always had kerosene lamps on standby in the kitchen at home. The reason power cuts which occurred regularly until coal-fired power became more efficient and reliable in the State of New South Wales.I am disgusted with our recent State governments attitude. The promise made to me several years ago by the then Deputy Premier of New South Wales, Andrew Stoner, about poles and wires was a lie. Renewable energy cannot surpass base-load coal fired power?Unfaithful governance is seen in the attempt to push the climate change debate also a lie. Below I have included some comments by a true Scientist Professor Ian Plimer:24. Very cold minimum temperatures measured in 2017 by government agencies are expunged from the record or changed to a warmer temperature to show a warming trend.25. The fraudulent homogenisation of raw date, the inaccessibility of stored raw data, the deletion of large volumes of raw data, the opacity of modeling methods, the omission of validation past climate data, the uncertainty of measurement, claims of a consensus and the demonising of dissent all show that climate science has nothing to do with science but, rather, is post-modernist political activist thuggery. This historical temperature records may be nigh on useless. 26. If a public company homogenised their annual reports to show that a financial loss was homogenised to a profit, directors and officers of the company would go to goal. Homogenisation: of temperatures has resulted in massive electricity costs and billions of dollars of subsidies. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.27. Taxpayers fund climate research and institutions like the Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO and universities.

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