Becoming A Godly Wife: One Woman'S Journey From Independence To Freedom

Becoming A Godly Wife: One Woman'S Journey From Independence To Freedom

  • Publish Date: 2018-06-20
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Valerie Croft
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Becoming a Godly Wife: One Woman's Journey from Independence to Freedom includes eight chapters which take you on a journey with the main character. You will learn about her family, childhood, young adulthood and the early years of marriage. There are two common threads throughout the book. The first is education. You will see how she grew and matured in academia. The second is the impact of the women who surrounded her. Following the chapters are several letters the author has written to loved ones. After the letters, there are five poems by the author. The book wraps up with three scriptures. Each scripture has a connection, which helps the reader understand how the scripture can help someone become a Godly wife. Sample Read From Chapter 1:My favorite quote is from Henry David Thoreau. He said, my life has been the poem I would have writ, but I could not both live and utter it. Yep, thats pretty much how it has been. Sometimes when something totally unexpected happens, good or bad, I have to sit and just take it in for a moment. My life has been, thus far, God's constant execution of His plan trumping my stupidity. My mother used to say I was hard headed. Perhaps. I like to say I am determined, much like her mother. My nanny, Catrice Valerie Sexton was born in Bamberg, South Carolina. She had fourteen children. I cannot imagine fourteen people calling me mom. That's a small group for state testing, not a group of children in a family. I am not sure how she stayed sane or fed. Fourteen kids eat a lot, grow out of many pants and take up significant room. Catty, as everyone called her, was a go-getter though. The family story is she had two stores in Carolton City. This all happened before I was born, so I can't say I ever ran around my nanny's stores. I can say, I ran to the store for her more times than I can count. She would send me to the corner store for her and give me the change. Most days I was grabbing penny candy, that actually cost a penny, forher.I am her namesake, as far as grandchildren go, and her favorite. Yeah, I said it. My cousins would debate that, but I am right. My mom told me one of my aunts wanted to name a younger cousin after her as well. Nanny told them she had enough family members named Valerie. LOL! Ain't that something? That what you call, nanny shade. Nanny had a personality you would never forget. She helped out with my older cousin a lot. He even lived with her for a while. I can't remember what he said or did, but one day she had him bouncing up and down the wall while she was throwing Muhammad Ali jabs at him. They connected too. I knew better than to ever try her. We actually have a scar in the same place on our wrists. I got mine slamming down a window when I was smelling myself one day and got angry with mom. Nanny got her scar from breaking a window on purpose to grab some lady that had called her a name. Madea doesn't have anything on Catty. My nanny raised five girls. I've heard she would go looking for her oldest daughter, Aunt Dee Dee, with a shotgun when she didn't come home on time. My mom was her second oldest daughter. She left home at 15 years old with my brother Caleb in her arms. Aunt Joanne, the middle girl, is just like nanny. I saw her bounce that same cousin up and down a wall too. Maybe one of them should have taken up boxing. They both had a hell of a left hook. Aunt Marcia is the nextto last girl. She's the hairstylist of the five. My Aunt Catrice is named after nanny. I am actually named after her too. Those five women taught me a lot. Some lessons were on purpose and others were by just watching them.

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