Financial Fitness For Life: Steps To Financial Fitness - Grades 3-5 - Teacher Guide (Financial Fitness For Life) (Financial Fitness For Life)

Financial Fitness For Life: Steps To Financial Fitness - Grades 3-5 - Teacher Guide (Financial Fitness For Life) (Financial Fitness For Life)

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Brand: National Council on Economic Education
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FINANCIAL FITNESS FOR LIFE: 3-5 Teacher Resource Manual Table of Contents Theme 1: Why Education Pays Off (Earning Income) Lesson 1: Earning Income Lesson 2: Urban Mouse, Rural Mouse Lesson 3: People Pay Taxes Theme 2: Tomorrow's Money: Getting to the End of the Rainbow: (Saving) Lesson 4: The Grasshopper and the Ant Lesson 5: Why? How? Where? Theme 3: Spending and Credit are Serious Business (Spending and Credit) Lesson 6: Consumers Want Goods and Services Lesson 7: To Choose is to Refuse Lesson 8: How Would You Like to Pay? Lesson 9: More About Methods of Payment Lesson 10: Why Do I Want All This Stuff? Lesson 11: This One Or That One? Lesson 12: Credit is Based on Trust Lesson 13: Buddy, Can You Spare a Dime? Theme 4: Get a Grip on Life (Money Management) Lesson 14: Managing Money Lesson 15: It's a Balancing Act Steps to Financial Fitness contains 15 action-oriented lessons where students make decisions about earning an income, saving and spending, using credit, and budgeting. Lessons include background information, preparation materials, student activities, and assessments to promote active learning. All lessons are tied to standards for personal finance, economics, literature, and mathematics literacy. A Student Workbook highlights topics covered in each lesson and a Parent's Guide allows for additional reinforcement in the home. A companion website offers further information on the series and sample activities. Sample activities include: Understanding why income varies among individuals Differentiating between fact and opinion in advertisements Role playing the buying and selling of goods and services Exploring payment methods CD-ROM The companion CD-ROM contains all of the content at all grade levels. The CD-ROM allows teachers to access and use the printed material in a searchable and customizable format and also includes 3 interactive student activities at each grade-level. More Info Special Offer - Teacher's Package Provide the complete Financial Fitness series to all of your students at one low-price. Each Teacher's Package includes a grade-level specific Teacher's Guide, Student Workbook, Parent's Guide, CD-Rom, and a copyright permission statement allowing an individual teacher to duplicate the Student Activity Book and Parent's Guide as needed for class use.

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The Council for Economic Education envisions a world in which people are empowered through economic and financial literacy to make informed and responsible choices throughout their lives as consumers, savers, investors, workers, citizens, and participants in our global economy.

Some of the areas in K-12 education we publish in include:

- Establishing and building credit

- Managing personal finances

- Understanding economics on a local, national, and global level

- Using economics in other subject areas: Social Studies, Geography, History, etc.

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