Spirit Whirled: The Deaf Phoenicians (Volume 1)

Spirit Whirled: The Deaf Phoenicians (Volume 1)

  • Publish Date: 2017-05-17
  • Binding: Paperback
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This book is crafted to take you from the consciousness of Nine and restore it to the consciousness of Three. The so-called Truth Movement has degenerated over the last decade. What started as an unbelievable surge of conscious solutions to todays slavery paradigm has devolved into a collective of people with negative knowledge, leading millions of others further astray with their theories and religious beliefs. Every time humanity is given an opportunity to break the hexes that sustain its condition of slavery, an astounding gaggle of unbegun fools takes to the Internet and uses their platforms to capitalize from the chaos. Very few of them have done the Great Work. Once these disinformation wraiths amass a following, their voices become the only ones heard. But here we are, decades later, and youre still a civilly dead entity under the rule of the Roman Cult living in a construct that is nothing more than a legal fiction corpse. The Truth Movement might as well have not occurred. This work was only made to save the real torchbearers of Truth thousands of units worth of spiritual currency so that they may get to the root of the causal factors that manifest humanitys current condition, and then use that knowledge to take action in unison with the Will of Creation. Most of you are beginning to lose everything. You know something is wrong, but you cannot quite figure it out. It feels good to blame the government, the politicians, the religions, the order-followers, the bankers, and the rest of these guttersnipe sorcerers in cults of media, science, academia, and healthcare. But after youve spent your emotions on them, you find that nothing has changed. If youre curious about what else youve been lied to about, then this work is for you. If youd rather remain hexed and live in slavery, this work is not for you. The Deaf Phoenicians will provide entry-level knowledge of the world of the occult, the perquisites of theoretical magick and the Language of the Birds. If youre going to defeat the Inversive Brethren of Satanic pedophile human trafficking murderers, knowledge is required. You do not get to choose what you will believe. You will either know and do something about it, or not know and die their slave.

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