Solving Cold Cases - Volume 2 ***Large Print Edition***: True Crime Stories That Took Years To Crack

Solving Cold Cases - Volume 2 ***Large Print Edition***: True Crime Stories That Took Years To Crack

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More Chilling Cold Cases Solved! Read the fascinating true crime stories that were solved years later thanks to modern technologies and investigation techniques


Solving a criminal investigation is never as simple as it looks on television. With so many steps between the initial crime and the moment of conviction, the potential for a case to remain unsolved is always dangerously high. As well as those hard-to-solve minor crimes like petty theft, even the biggest and most complicated crimes have the possibility of becoming stuck at some point. So much of the process can depend upon luck that it should be no surprise to see that detectives and investigators often struggle to find that single eureka moment, that one instance of divine inspiration that might help them solve the crime.

In this book, we will be looking into some of the highest profile criminal investigations that go years without being solved. These are known as cold cases. When a case goes cold, the trail of clues runs dry and it becomes difficult to see an end point. But this book will examine those cold cases which have been solved. The murders, conspiracies, kidnappings, and other crimes contained within the book will be those which reach a satisfying conclusion. Even when everything looks bleak, either pure fortune or diligent work will be used to achieve a breakthrough.

We will travel the world to look over some of the most interesting and complicated cases which took years to solve. If you are at all interested in true crime, criminal investigations, or just examples of humans who never give up hope, then the stories contained within will be perfect for you. The true examples of cold cases in this book will take in despicable and deplorable crimes. Even when you might think the perpetrator got away, there will be one clue that finally got them convicted. So read on and discover just how some of the worlds coldest cases were finally solved.

Inside find true crime stories that will captivate you, including:

  • The anonymous corpse that came known as Tent Girl
  • A murdered man who was far from innocent
  • The killer who went on the run and battled against his extradition
  • Trying to track a man who was perpetually on the run
  • What happens when the rich and powerful protest their innocence in a murder cases
  • And much more

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