Kundalini Awakening, Rising And Yoga For Chakra Balancing: A Comprehensive Beginner'S Guide To Yoga, Chakras, Kundalini, Meditation, Self-Healing And Therapeutic Techniques

Kundalini Awakening, Rising And Yoga For Chakra Balancing: A Comprehensive Beginner'S Guide To Yoga, Chakras, Kundalini, Meditation, Self-Healing And Therapeutic Techniques

  • Publish Date: 2016-08-12
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Rohan Kalwani
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For many of us Westerners, Yoga is the image of an inscrutable individual sitting in a pretzel-like, cross-legged position with eyes closed, palms up, seemingly oblivious to his or her surroundings. For others, the mysterious form of an individual appearing to defy the laws of naturestanding on their head for no apparent reason. Termed the Lotus position and sirshasana respectively, these physical positions represent two standard asanas; postures fundamental to yogic discipline...

Discover the hidden knowledge of Kundalini

Feel the immense healing power of the rising Kundalini within you by using Eastern secrets and specific Asanas; postures taught by yoga instructors for Chakra balancing.

Termed Kundalini awakening, it is this process that underlies the yogic experience, and in the broader sense, represents the pathway to self-realization, spiritual awakening, timeless wisdom, and self-healing...

Get comfortable with your Chakras

In Kundalini Awakening, Rising and Yoga for Chakra Balancing, Rohan Kalwani mixes history, science and eastern tradition to efficiently teach you how to feel your natural healing energy and true peace on your journey to enlightenment.

The chakras (more accurately, cakras) is a hierarchal system of seven major energy/psychic centers climbing up the spine through the core of the body, from the base of the spine to the top of the head...

Unlock the secrets of ancient tradition, yoga and meditation today

Your path to enlightenment and spiritual awakening will not be easy, but Rohan will first guide you through history and then explain how you can use many yogic principles and meditation techniques based on science and Eastern traditions.

An essential element of the yogic experience, for both pupil and master, is achievement of a visual understanding of the metaphorical journey the Kundalini makes as it climbs up through the chakras...

Take this important first step and feel your internal flame

You deserve to know your true internal power. Using knowledge passed down by masters of Eastern traditions, scientific and medical research will help you control your Chakras and ignite your internal flame.

With time and space now non-existent, visualize the flame suddenly shooting skywardpenetrating the top of the headexploding into a brilliant violet beam that reaches into the heavens. Now stop and realize: You are meditating...

A rewarding and remarkable introduction to self-healing awaits you

Rohan gives you a pathway for meditation and a clear historical foundation, which will help to solidify your understanding of a complex subject. Rohan gives you the true facts and true knowledge for you to take the next step.

Soon after beginning practice, the yogi will begin to feel positive change. They will notice that their stress level has dropped...They will notice that they are able to think more clearly...they will notice that their energy level has jumped...They feel better...They look better...

You'll receive all of these benefits from Kundalini Awakening, Rising and Yoga for Chakra Balancing:

  • What is yoga? [a genuine and legitimate explanation]
  • What are chakras? [faithful to the yogic traditions and true principles]
  • The elements of yoga
  • The way of the yogi
  • The science of chakra balance and self-healing
  • Let the healing begin
  • Resources [on kundalini, yoga and chakras]

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