Surviving Jail Or Prison:  Creative Writing To Help You Grow

Surviving Jail Or Prison: Creative Writing To Help You Grow

  • Binding: Paperback
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Is someone you know and love in jail or prison? Are you looking for a book to help them make better choices? Do you want to show them that you care about them? If you do, then order this creative writing book and send it to them. It is filled with 100 photos of snakes and turtles, dragonflies and wasps, beetles and bugs, fallen trees and dying leaves, open paths and blocked trails. Each photo has a story starter to get them thinking about life and choices, effort and desire, goals and the steps to reach those goals. Here are a few of the prompts:

  • As I wandered down the trail, I came upon a fallen tree blocking my path. So, I took a deep breath and
  • As the beetle crawled toward the sweet nectar, it sensed a darkness, an evil, just on the other side of what could be ecstasy.
  • Unable to stop its downward plummet, the aging leaf wondered if this was it, if this was the end that others spoke of in the dark silences of the night.
  • The green tree frog waited. It was good at that, silently passing each days hours with the hope that the night would bring something meaningful. Hoping. Dreaming. Of her.
  • He curled his arms upward, feeling the tender legs of his visitor, touching, caressing each with the hope that she might leave behind something helpful, something wanted.
  • The millipede only thought of escape, as the brightness exposed her to danger and death. Get away! Flee! I must not be taken alive.
  • What have I become, once so grand and full of life, sought after, admired, worshipped? And now here I am, falling apart with each passing storm. How long must I endure this torture? How long must I weather lifes passing? I am ready for the end. I want to die. Life no longer has meaning.
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