Wp 34S Owner'S Manual And Calculation Guide: Firmware V3.3 B3887

Wp 34S Owner'S Manual And Calculation Guide: Firmware V3.3 B3887

  • Publish Date: 2016-06-11
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Walter Bonin
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This manual documents the most recent v3.3 of WP 34S, a free software you can use for converting an HP-20b or HP-30b financial calculator of Hewlett-Packard into a full-fledged fast and compact scientific instrument like you have never had before - readily providing all the functions you always wanted and comfortably fitting into your shirt pocket.

The function set of WP 34S is based on the famous HP-42S RPN Scientific, the most powerful programmable RPN calculator industrially built so far. Additionally, we put in the functions of the HP-16C, the HP-32SII, and the HP-21S. Furthermore, we added numerous useful functions for mathematics, statistics, physics, engineering, programming, I/O, etc., such as

  • many statistical distributions and their inverses, Eulers Beta and Riemanns Zeta functions, Bernoulli and Fibonacci numbers, Lamberts W, the error function, and the Chebyshev, Hermite, Laguerre, and Legendre orthogonal polynomials (forget heavy table books),
  • programmable sums and products, first and second derivatives,
  • integer computing in fifteen bases from binary to hexadecimal,
  • bidirectional serial communication with your computer,
  • battery-fail-safe on-board backup memory,
  • 88 conversions, mainly from old Imperial to universal SI units and vice versa,
  • 50 fundamental physical constants plus a selection of important numbers from mathematics, astronomy, and surveying,
  • Greek and extended Latin letters plus mathematical symbols, and
  • a stopwatch based on a real-time clock (with hardware added).
WP 34S is the first RPN calculator offering you a choice of two stack sizes: traditional 4 stack levels for HP compatibility, 8 levels for convenient calculations in complex domain, advanced real calculus, vector algebra in 4D, or for whatever application you have in mind.

WP 34S features up to 107 global registers, 112 global flags, up to 928 program steps in RAM, up to 6014 program steps in flash memory, a 30 byte alpha register, 16 local flags as well as up to 144 local registers allowing for recursive programming, and 4 user-programmable hotkeys. Most of the memory layout is conveniently settable by you.

This is the newest edition of the manual, containing 410 pages now, easing your path to the over 700 functions of your WP 34S. It also includes everything you want to know about flashing, updating, and tuning your WP 34S. This is the true and original WP 34S reference, written by one of the two initiators of this project. Recommended for any serious science or engineering student as well as for professionals in these areas.

WP 34S reached its present state growing on our love for Hewlett-Packard's vintage Classics, Woodstocks, Spices, Nuts, Voyagers, and Pioneers. WP 34S has proven success in real world applications, being on the market since 2011. It has got a little brother: the WP 31S, also shown in this manual. Please look for WP 43S on https://forum.swissmicros.com for more information about our next project providing you with an even better professional compact scientific calculator.

(Last update of the print: 2018-10-15 extending the Hardware Tuning Instructions)

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