Life-Changing Compound Butters: In 3 Minutes Flat (Grace Lgere Cookbooks)

Life-Changing Compound Butters: In 3 Minutes Flat (Grace Lgere Cookbooks)

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What could be better than softened butter blended with lip-smacking ingredients?Not much! In this new and easy-to-follow cookbook, foodie Grace Lgere shares more than 70 unique, classic, exotic, and brunchy flavor combinations. Make her lusciousRaspberry Cheesecake Butter,or spicyBloody Mary Butterand take your entertaining to a new level. Family and loved ones will rave over a simple chicken breast when aCashew, Honey, & Lime Butteris melting over it.Use these flavored butters as a spread on freshly baked bread, or as an enhancement to melt over vegetables or meats. With some simple ingredient preparation and a softened stick of butter, these compound butters go together in a flash! All can be enjoyed right away, or conveniently refrigerated to slice and use later. Many can become a topping or spread. Give them a try; your taste buds will thank you! Here are just a few of the included recipes:

French Butters
Morel, Garlic, & Tarragon Butter
Port Wine & Chvre Butter
Dark Cherry & Port Wine Butter
Sage & Apple Calvados Butter

Italian Butters
Basil, Sundried Tomato, & Black Pepper Butter
Orange, Raisin & Roasted Red Peppers Butter
Pine nut, Parmesan, Garlic & Basil Butter
Lemon, Oregano, Capers & Parmesan Butter

Asian Inspired Butters
Sesame, Ginger & Garlic Butter
Chinese Five Spice & Garlic Butter
Molasses, Ginger & Soy Butter
Mango, Cilantro & Hot Pepper Flakes Butter

Brunch Butters
Classic Strawberry Butter
Pecan, Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Butter
Bacon & Brown Sugar Butter
Bloody Mary Butter

Specialty Butters
Honey, Mustard, Scallion & Parsley Butter
Peppadew Peppers & Parsley Butter
Smoky Almonds, Blue Cheese & Chive Butter
Spicy Jerk & Mango Butter
Fresh Jalapeo & Bacon Butter

Classic Compound Butters
Lemon & Chive Butter
Lemon Thyme Butter
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme Butter
Rosemary & Mint Butter

Easy 1 ingredient Butters
Pumpkin Spice Butter
Boysenberry Butter
Roasted Garlic Butter
Fresh Orange Butter
Grapefruit Butter
Dark Chocolate Chip Butter

Note: All the recipes are naturally Gluten Free except one because soy sauce contains gluten

My mouth is watering just turning the pages. Verified Customer Review

This is not a coffee table book - this is a slim paperback concisely written for optimal use in the kitchen. Price is set by required guidelines. For an incredible bargain, consider the ebook version. Happy cooking!
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