Women In Judaism, Christianity, And Islam: Their Roles, Status, Dignity, And Equality

Women In Judaism, Christianity, And Islam: Their Roles, Status, Dignity, And Equality

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Women in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is a book that examines the Roles, Status, Dignity, and Equality of Women in the Religions of the Book : Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Part I: Judaism Women in Judaism addresses: 1) Historical, Classical, and Historic Judaism; 2) Women's Mitzvot, Nerot, Challah, and Niddah; and 3) The role of women in the Synagogue. This is accomplished by a review of women in the context of Haredi Judaism, Chassidic Judaism, Modern Orthodox Judaism, Conservative Judaism, Reform Judaism, and Reconstructionist Judaism. Part II: The Jewish Origin of Christianity This section follows the development of Judaism from the the release of the Hebrews from the Babylonian Exile by Cyrus the Great of Persia, their return to Jerusalem, the building of the Second Temple, why the expected new Davidic Kingdom did not happen, the Jewish Eschatology of a deliver borrowed from Babylonian Zoroastrianism, and the consequent Messianic Judaism that culminated in Jesus as Messiah. Part III: Women in Christianity Women in Christianity begins by an examination of the positive acts of Jesus that granted women status and dignity equal with that of men. Then, the writings of Tertullian and Augustine are reviewed to show how their misogynistic mandates became Christian dogma and doctrine. Finally, an exegesis is made of how the anti-woman dogmas, doctrines, and faith beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church and Evangelicalism are used to deny women their God given dignity and equality with men especially in the areas of denial of Holy Orders in the Roman Catholic Church as well as the denial of a woman exercising her own moral agency pursuant to her informed conscience by both in the areas of human sexuality and reproduction. Part IV: Women in Islam Women in Islam begins with the historical development of Islam and its basic understanding of the differences between men and women. Thereafter two more topics are explored: 1) The impact of Shari'ah (Islamic Law) on the lives of Muslims and 2) A detailed examination of the 10 most egregious ayahas (verses) of the Qur'an and Hadith (sayings) of Muhammad. These include: 1. Command for husbands to beat their wives. 2. Virgins forced to marry. 3. Temporary contractual marriages. 4. Most inhabitants of Hell are women. 5. Women are short of faith and Intelligence. 6. Women inherit 1/2 as much as men. 7. Men belong to a higher order than women. 8. A woman is her husband's slave--his captive. 9. A woman is equated with a donkey and a dog. 10. Women have within them an Evil Omen, crooked characters, and are harmful to men. Exegesis of the marriage of Aisha to Muhammad places that marriage into its proper context with the other 11 wives of Muhammad. Part V: Honor Killing Honor Killing examines the the phenomenon of the justification of honor killing daughters and wives by their male relatives. It also includes a review of honor killing in Pakistan, Europe, and America with an examination of specific cases. Part VI: Female Genital Mutilation Female Genital Mutilation is widely practice in parts of Africa, the Middle East, Indonesia and now also in Europe and America by Muslim immigrants. The religious and cultural mandate for Female Geintial Mutilation is examined as well as why it is virtually impossible to stop.

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