Unregulated Capitalism: Unregulated Capitalism Is Destroying Democracy And The Economy

Unregulated Capitalism: Unregulated Capitalism Is Destroying Democracy And The Economy

  • Publish Date: 2013-08-13
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: George Gaasvig
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A democracy is portrayed as government by the majority that offers fairness and equal economic opportunity. However, Americans are now left with a democracy and economic system of, by, and for the countrys wealthy, elite, and large corporations. With an extreme income and wealth disparity between the haves and have-nots, what the country needs now more than ever is a true democracy with a fair and equitable economic system. With this fascinating new book, readers will finally understand why the solution to rampant capitalism is a revamped social capitalism approach that will lead every democratic nation toward a purer form of democracy. Unregulated Capitalism: Unregulated Capitalism is Destroying Democracy and the Economy is an eye-opening look at the need for democratic countries to replace unfettered capitalism with social capitalism. Offering an alternative to unregulated and rampant capitalism, this book explains the need to fix the problems that are always present when capitalist systems are left unregulated and at the mercy of greed. Inspired by his time spent working with government programs and in Washington, author George Gaasvig created Unregulated Capitalism after coming to the stark realization that many people fail to notice the shocking disparity between the wealthy capitalist elite and the working class. Furthermore, most people dont even understand the workings of the economy or democracy in general. Serving as a thought-provoking and informative resource, this excellent guide is perfect for anyone who is concerned about the plight of their country. In an effort to identify the problems facing democratic nations while providing effective solutions, Unregulated Capitalism informs readers all over the world of the rampant problems that come with unfettered capitalism. By allowing capitalists to profit from greed beyond need or reason, unrestricted capitalism cripples the economic system of democratic nations and jeopardizes the futures of countless readers. Utilizing ingenious and oftentimes common sense solutions, this captivating guide urges readers to do their part in fixing the problems that plague their nation. An educational and stimulating read, Unregulated Capitalism has the potential to reshape the future of not only capitalism but entire nations.

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