The Summertime Adventures Of The Seward School Bombers

The Summertime Adventures Of The Seward School Bombers

  • Publish Date: 2013-05-18
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: J. E. Tooley
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The Summertime Adventures of the Seward School Bombers, is the story of a group of twelve-year-old boys living in the small southern Arizona town of Santa Elena in the summer of 1968. There was war in Vietnam, race riots in the south, and preparations to land a man on the moon, but none of that affected the gang much, whos motto, All for naught, and not for long! was a variation of the one from that other group of fun loving young men, The Three Musketeers. Their adventures included little league baseball, tennis ball bazooka wars in the arroyo, combat missions against the hated class tattletales house, and Saturday afternoons at the Fox Theater for Marshall K-GUNs lil cowpokes. But then, after devising an elaborate plan to finally catch the ghost who had been haunting the old Mansfield place for years, and therefore becoming world famous and maybe even getting their own Saturday morning T.V. show, the story takes an unexpected turn which could possibly change their lives forever! The cast of characters include; Jeff Jagger Howell, the fearless, spiritual leader of the S.S.B.s, who stutters, has a wandering eye, a scar on his belly from a crocodile bite he got while escaping from Mother Higgins reform school (it actually was from a kidney surgery he had as a baby), and a heart of gold. Johnny Caruso, the level headed narrator of the story who attempts to keep the gang in line, but fails miserably, and has his own problems dealing with an overbearing mother, aunt and grandmother, who while sitting around the kitchen table gossiping, appeared to him to be just like them three witches, brewin up all sorts of trouble in the first scene of Shakespeares Hambone, as well as a nosey little sister and an obnoxious golden retriever that had a nasty habit of biting you in the rear end if you turned your back on him. There is Ira Big I Goldstein, the pessimist that never pulls any punches; Neil Wales, a mean and unpredictable kid who was a genius at coming up with nicknames and devious plans, but not much good at anything else, like one of them idiotic savants I heard about on P.B.S. Emiliano De La Rosa, or just Rosie, the cautious Mexican kid who was very, very chubby, NOT FAT, because he had a glandular problem. Yeah, that big fat one between your ears that makes you eat like a pig, according to Neil. Theres the fidgety Pakistani kid, Bampu Creepy Bota, the clubs technical adviser whos so smart its creepy, and Mark Chicken Coop Cooper, who likes to hide behind his large pal Rosie and develops uncontrollable hiccups at the first sign of danger. Other distinguished members of the Santa Elena population include; The Losers, a group of tough but not so bright teenagers from the bad part of town that were, almost entirely responsible for the new wing of the Cochise County Juvenile Center all by themselves; Mengo and Pato, the bumbling cousins that acted as the entire Sheriffs Department as well as truant officers, Little League umpires and dog catchers; Dan Dunn, christened by Neil as Damn Dumb, the friendly but slow RENT-A-COP that doubles as head assistant usher at the old Fox theater; Senor Villasenor, the older man about town with all the Viejas, who owned and operated the only taxi service in Santa Elenahis 1957 Chevy Bel-Air station wagon; as well as Jenny Darling, the red haired, angel faced object of Johnny Cs not so secret affection, that causes him so much grief with the guys. My name is Jim Tooley and I am a family physician in Tucson, Arizona. I have always held my childhood friends and experiences close to my heart, often thinking of them with joy and laughter. I therefore set out to write a work of fiction loosely based on my youthful days, in hopes that others also may find pleasure in them. I have written, The Seward School Bombers, in the same spirit as Stephen Kings, The Body, Harper Lees, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Mark Twains, Huckleberry Finn.

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