Miracles And Massacres: True And Untold Stories Of The Making Of America

Miracles And Massacres: True And Untold Stories Of The Making Of America

  • Publish Date: 2013-11-19
  • Binding: Audio CD
  • Author: Glenn Beck
Simon & Schuster Audio
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History as its supposed to be toldtrue and thrilling.

Thomas Edison was a bad guyand bad guys usually lose in the end.

World War II radio host Tokyo Rose was branded as a traitor by the US government and served time in prison. In reality, she was a hero to many.

Twenty US soldiers received medals of honor at the Battle of Wounded Kneeyet this wasnt a battle at all; it was a massacre.

Paul Reveres midnight ride was nothing compared to the ride made by a guy named Jack whom youve probably never heard of.

History is about so much more than memorizing facts. It is, as more than half of the word suggests, about the story. And, told in the right way, it is the greatest one ever written: Good and evil, triumph and tragedy, despicable acts of barbarism and courageous acts of heroism.

The things youve never learned about our past will shock you. The reason why gun control is so important to government elites can be found in a story about Athens that no one dares teach. Not the city in ancient Greece, but the one in 1946 Tennessee. The power of an individual who trusts his gut can be found in the story of the man who stopped the twentieth hijacker from being part of 9/11. And a lesson on what happens when an all-powerful president is in need of positive headlines is revealed in a story about eight saboteurs who invaded America during World War II.

Miracles and Massacres is history as youve never heard it told. It describes incredible events that you never knew existed. And it contains stories so important and relevant to today that you wont have to ask, Why didnt they teach me this? You will instantly know. If the truth shall set you free, then your freedom begins with the first word. By the end, your understanding of the lies and half-truths youve been taught may change, but your perception of who we are as Americans and where our country is headed definitely will.

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