Philistine-To-Palestine: Exposing The World'S Biggest Deception.

Philistine-To-Palestine: Exposing The World'S Biggest Deception.

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Joseph D. Shellim.
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Knowledge is power. Arm yourself. A global chaos and mayhem has extended across the nations. All was blamed on the Middle East Conflict. Yet now a different manifestation has emerged, affirming this was never a local issue about Palestine or of land occupation: Israel holds less than 0.5% of land in Arabia. There was never any land issue across the nations, yet the mayhem extended globally. Thereby, was this conflict wrongly accounted - or was it designed to erupt as it has and for what purposes? Exposing the long suppressed and omitted issues will cause intense debating; it may even change your views. The issues of Palestine and its global impacts are now exposed as never before historically, theologically and politically, of both ancient and modern times. The big questions: Who Are Palestinians? Why was this name transferred from Jews to Arabs after 2,000 years in 1964? Why were the 3000 year names of Hebrew towns changed to West Bank in 1950? Was King David of Bethlehem, or Jesus of Nazareth, as Palestinians? What was the message of the Dead Sea Scrolls that was hidden from the world? Chamberlain, Hitler and Hajj Amin: Why did Britain appoint Hajj Amin as Grand Mayor of Jerusalem in contradiction of the Balfour Mandate? Was Britains division of Palestine and her White Paper Policy legal or crimes against humanity? Who are Arabs? A historical enquiry traces the origins of the Arab group and their first emerging. The issue becomes controversial when the people called as Arabs are connected with Canaan, Abraham, Ishmael, Israel, Judea and Jesus Christ. Todays Global Refugee Crisis: Why are Millions of Christians and Arabs fleeing their ancient homelands? Why were no ruling conditions placed on the new Arab states and how does it impact all nations today? Is todays chaos and mayhem circumstantial or designed? Whatever your views of the modern worlds most controversial issue, this book will arm you with long suppressed and de-classified archives, exposing a host of deceptions created to cover great errors of the 20th century. These have backfired and plunged humanity into chaos and mayhem. Causes and effects apply. Philistine-To-Palestine is presented with quotes and interviews from the widest range of credible sources. From Scholars, Theologians, Clerics, Lawyers, Presidents, Kings, Ottoman Sultans, Arabian Emirs, Ambassadors, Authors, Talk Show Hosts, Human Rights Advocates and Bloggers. A 3,000 year population survey of Palestine and 40 historical images expose the great deceptions of the modern world that have come to haunt all nations. Perhaps we are driving on the wrong lane of this highway? Knowledge is power. Arm yourself.

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