From Fear To Freedom

From Fear To Freedom

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(This 2018 2nd edition has more interviews in story form and photos that will amaze you.) Adolf Hitler ruled with an iron fist during his horrifying reign. As the war was coming to an end, the Nazis in more than one case put POWs in barns and set the barns on fire. The Nazis wanted no witnesses to testify against them. The dead, however, spoke loud and clear of the Nazis barbarism. Of the hundreds of Hitler's prison camps, Commandant Schmidt was in charge of the one where a young Army Air Corps pilot, Captain James Hansen was held. The Commandant had countless rules, each with its own punishment. Escape attempts carried the death penalty. Captain Hansen nevertheless tried to escape, and like the others before him, he failed. When he was marched back into camp. the commandant greeted him with: Welcome back, Captain. Care to take a walk? The commandant gave those condemned to death a choice, the firing squad or an unknown fate, deep in the woods. When they came to a stop, Hansen now knew the other choice; it was what he feared the most. Nikki's Grandfather Vince, was also a POW in Commandant Schmidt's camp. where he saw Captain Hansen being led into the woods. The Captain was the only one who never returned to face the firing squad. Whatever was in the woods, Hansen chose the unknown. What was in the woods? Only Commandant Schmidt knew, and he kept that a secret. Many years later, Grandpa Vince shares his war experiences with his young granddaughter Nikki, gradually revealing more and more as she grows old enough to handle the truth and understand the valuable life lessons that history offers. When she finally learns the story of the mysterious young Army Air Corp pilot, she sets out on a journey to find out who he was and his fate. It is a journey that will take her across the United States to Germany where she discovers the terrifying power of fear, the inspirational power of faith, and the he healing power of forgiveness.

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