Phantom Controller: Based On Events The Government And Airlines Hope You Never Know! (Volume 1)

Phantom Controller: Based On Events The Government And Airlines Hope You Never Know! (Volume 1)

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This book is based on real life events from a 'first of its kind' case file from retired federal agent, Jim Epik. Phantom Controller is a must read for anyone who enjoys criminal thrillers, and certainly for anyone involved in the aviation empire at any level from private and commercial pilots to air traffic controllers to government officials, airline industry managers, and even the men and women trusting in their flights each and every day. Americas air traffic control system is vulnerable to attack, still every day over a million people fly throughout the United States placing their lives on the hope that a faulty communications system will protect them. How many times have you heard of passengers being stranded on a runway for hours? I bet you, like most flyers, had no idea the problem is often caused by Phantom Controllers taking over tower to flight operations. Sound like a conspiracy theory? Look it up or ask pilots at any major airline, most of them know it is very real. News coverage of these events is vague at best, and many reports get swept under the bureaucratic red tape in record times. For years, the FAAs communication system has been routinely commandeered by persons with cheap, off-the-shelf radios providing them with the capability to impersonate a legitimate tower operator , aka Phantom Controller. How has the FAA addressed this issue over the past decade? Mostly they havent, as the number of incidents annually has grown to a point that we barely pay attention to news coverage when an incident does get reported. Have we given the FAA permission to ignore safety? Or are the agency managers allowing air travel to again become a prime target for exploitation or crazies, and terrorists? This novel, based on real events, tells how sorely lacking the FAA, DHS, FBI, TSA, and FCCs response is to these events really is. As a whole, these agencies have failed to protect our passengers and American citizens. Even though a fairly simple remedy has been found and was suggested by the author, back when he was an FAA agent. Special Agent Jim Epik is uniquely qualified to write this book in that he was the first federal agent ever to lead an investigation that resulted in the arrest and conviction of an individual issuing false air traffic control commands. After years of failed attempts to lead change and protect the flying public, retired agent, Jim Epik is speaking out in hopes of forcing the federal government to take responsibility and correct the problem. Only by shedding light on this airline based national security weakness can we strengthen our countrys ability to combat and correct it. I believe you will be both entertained and enlightened by the information presented in this book, Phantom Controller. Just as I have been in learning of this and other issues Epik faced during his many years as a decorated and well respected federal agent. For more from this author see 12th & D, the second book in the all new Interagency Task Force. Both works available now from Alabama's new southern based indie publishing house, Beach Mountain Press. -Will Estell, Publisher Beach Mountain Press, LLC. Beaches, Resorts & Parks Magazine Alabama College & Career Guide

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