Civil Pe Construction Module, 4Th Edition, (Fifth Edition Also Available)
Civil Pe Construction Module, 4Th Edition, (Fifth Edition Also Available)

Civil Pe Construction Module, 4Th Edition, (Fifth Edition Also Available)

  • Binding: Paperback
Ruwan Rajapakse
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This is the fourth edition of the widely used book for the Civil PE Construction module. The book covers all the subject matter required for the exam. Also it has many sample problems and solutions. Subject matter of the book; A.0 Site Work: A.1 Permanent and Temporary Site Work: A.2 Site Clearing: A.3 Demolition of Existing Structures and Utilities: A.4 Mass Grading: A.5 Fine Grading: A.6 Temporary Drainage: A.7 Erosion and Sediment Control: A.8 Surveying: A.9 Sheet piles: A.10 Soil Stabilization: A.11 Site Work - Permanent Construction; A.12 Permanent Drainage: A.13 Construction of Utilities (Water Pipes, Sewer Pipes, Electrical Conduits): A.14 Landscaping B.0 Concrete Construction 26 B.1 Cement, fine aggregates and coarse aggregates: B.2 Pozzalans: A.2.1 Fly Ash: A.2.2 Blast Furnace Slag: A.2.3 Silica Fume: B.3 Concrete Admixtures: B.4 Concrete Slump Test: B.5 Concrete Cylinders: B.6 Splitting Tensile Strength Test B.7 Mixing, Transportation and Placement of Concrete: (ACI 304R) B.7.1 Concrete Plants B.7.2 Storage of Material: B.7.3 Cement Silos: B.7.4 Concrete Mixing: B.7.5 Concrete Placement: B.8 Concrete Vibration (Concrete Consolidation) ACI 309: B.9 Concrete Finishing: B.10 Concrete Grinding: B.11 Concrete Scarifiers: B.12 Tolerances: B.13 Cold Weather and Hot Weather Concreting: B.13.1 Cold Weather Concreting: B.13.2 Hot Weather Concreting (ACI 305): B.14 Concrete Elements: B.15 Concrete Accessories: B.16 Concrete Formwork: B.17 Shoring and Reshoring: B.18 Masonry Wall Bracing: B.19 Typical Rebar Details: B.20 Construction Joints in Slabs: B.21 Concrete Practice Problems C.0 Steel Construction: 71 C.1 Steel Construction Process: C.1.1 Design Drawings and Shop Drawings: C.1.2 Erection Drawings: C.1.3 Steel Erection Process: D.0 Construction Equipment 76 D.1 Mobile Cranes: D.2 Tower Cranes: D.3 Crane Selection, Erection and Stability: D.4 Dozers: D.5 Scrapers: D.6 Loaders: D.7 Excavators D.8 Draglines D.9 Graders D.10 Compaction Equipment: D.11 Machine Power: D.12 Grade 1.0 Earthwork Construction and Layout (10%) 104 (Approximately 4 Questions) 1.1 Excavation and Embankment (Cut and Fill): 1.2 Borrow Pit Volumes: 1.3 Soil Phase Relationships: 1.3.1 Borrow Pit Problems: 1.3.2 Site Layout and Control: 1.3.3 Highway Curves (Horizontal and Vertical Curves): 1.3.4 Trench Excavations: 1.3.5 Construction Stakes and Markings: 1.4 Earthwork Mass Diagrams: 1.5 Hauling: 2.0 Estimating Quantities and Costs (17.5%) 159 (Approximately 7 Questions) 2.1 Quantity Takeoff: 2.2 Cost Estimating: 2.2.1 Equipment Depreciation: 2.3 Engineering Analysis: 2.4 Earned Value Management: 3.0 Construction Operations and Methods: (15%) 215 (Approximately 6 Questions) 3.1 Introduction 3.2 Lifting and Rigging: 3.3 Dewatering and Pumping: 3.4 Equipment Production: 3.5 Productivity Analysis and Improvement: 3.6 Temporary Erosion Control: 4.0 Scheduling (17.5%) 224 (Approximately 7 Questions) 4.1 Construction Sequencing: 4.2 Activity on Node Networks and CPM Network Analysis: 4.3 Activity on Arrow Networks; 4.4 Resource Leveling: 4.5 Time - Cost Tradeoff: 4.6 Integration of CAD and Schedule: 5.0 Material Quality Control and Production (10%) 250 (Approximately 4 Questions) 5.1 Material Testing: 5.2 Welding: 5.3 Quality Control Process: 5.4 Concrete Mix Design: 6.0 Temporary Structures: (12.5%) 274 (Approximately 5 Questions) 6.1 Construction Loads: 6.2 Formwork: 6.3 Falsework and Scaffolding 6.4 Shoring 6.5 Concrete Maturity and Early Strength Evaluation: 6.6 Bracing 6.7 Anchorage: 6.8 Cofferdams: 7.0 Worker H

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