Sales Training Tutorials: Revised Second Edition (Small Business Sales How-To Series) (Volume 2)

Sales Training Tutorials: Revised Second Edition (Small Business Sales How-To Series) (Volume 2)

  • Publish Date: 2013-12-17
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Michael McGaulley
Champlain House Media
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Michael McGaulley

SALES TRAINING TUTORIALS is a concise, to-the-point, information-rich sales training book particularly directed to the needs of people who are new to selling . . . people such as new small business owners, consultants, free-agents, free-lancers and self-employeds who will benefit from better selling skills.

This sales book is set up around 25 practical sales skills tutorials that guide the newbie through all the steps from getting started with an idea (for a product or service), through finding prospects, making sales calls, handling sales objections and questions, closing the sale, and following up.

Each tutorial contains practical sales how-to tips, including checklists, and model selling scripts.

With this sales book and the sales how-to tips, model sales scripts, checklists, and templates for organizing your new knowledge, you are only hours away from a clear vision of what you will sell, how to reach qualified prospects, how to create an awareness of their need for what you offer, of responding productively to questions and objections, and of closing sales

SALES TRAINING TUTORIALS is mainly intended for individuals who are starting up new ventures - or starting over after a career change - and need to quickly absorb practical sales techniques needed for sales success.

It can be used as the basis for hands-on new entrepreneur sales training programs in community colleges or job creation centers.

This sales book is also a to-the-point guide to selling consulting services, and marketing free agent or free lance projects.

Note: SALES TRAINING TUTORIALS is designed for beginners. A companion book, SELLING 101, also by Michael McGaulley, is directed to the needs of more experienced sales people, as well as sales managers, sales team leaders, and sales trainers in organizations and colleges.

The tutorials are set up around key, practical questions like those following. In each tutorial, you will find how to tips, model scripts, checklists, and templates for pulling together your ideas and insights. Here are some of those questions:

- Are there important needs that my product or service can fill? If there are no needs, or if the needs are not recognized, then selling your services will be an up-hill battle. Maybe it's best to rethink, open to new slants.

- How does my product or service stand out from the competition? Can I tweak it to make it even more unique and valuable?

- How can I cost-effectively reach the decision makers who can say yes?

- When to work by appointment? When (if ever) by cold-calling?

- How to get past the gate-keeper? How to win an appointment?

- When on-site, what to look for? What does the office mood and style suggest?

- How to open the meeting?

- How to get the prospect excited about what you offer, and what it can do? Hint: telling how great your product is is NOT the best way . . . at least not at the start.

- How to ask the kind of questions that nudge the prospect into telling you why they need what you offer.

- How to talk price. Tip: Price is USUALLY NOT the most important issue.

- How to recognize and respond to buying signals .

- A dozen-plus ways of closing - that is, moving the prospect to take action, now.

- How to look through questions and objections to the deeper point, then turn them into reasons for buying, now.

- When and what kind of proof to offer?

- How to follow up in a professional way with both those have bought, and those who are still only prospects, not customers.

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