• Publish Date: 2011-02-28
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Mark A Davis
Brand: Poinsettia Publications
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Perno Morris is desperate. After years of rejection letters and returned manuscripts, decades of frustration, disappointment and stacks of rejection letters, he decides to take matters into his own hands. After seeing super literary agent Susan McCarthy on a national talk show, where she mentioned her vacation home, and that she has a six year old daughter, Perno decides to kidnap her little girl to get his book published. Dressed as a catholic priest, Perno takes little Christine McCarthy from a fast food restaurant when her babysitter went to the restroom. He is videotaped from an ATM machine camera across the street, but can only be identified as a man of clergy. The camera s view of his car is blocked by a delivery truck, and images are not recorded. He holds her hostage in the basement of his farm house miles from town. He had previously notified Susan in an overnight letter, received by her assistant, that she has only 90 days to have his work published or he will kill the child. He included a disk of his manuscript and instructed her to use the pseudonym Thomas Cavanaugh as the author. He did not write the novel for money, it was now purely a matter of ending his years of disappointment. Victory Alexander, a young reporter from the local newspaper is assigned to cover the story. Since she was a twin of a kidnapped and murdered brother at age seven, she is determined and committed to retrieve the missing girl. Persistent, creative and tenacious, she manages to convince Susan that she has the ability to find the youngster before the FBI, local police or detectives. Her determination to find a maniac leads her down a path of discovery. With the help of Scott Williams, a co-worker and computer programming specialist, they invade a private literary agent network website that holds a database of author s names and submitted manuscripts. The network is designed to archive authors and their work, to save agents time with multiple submissions. After writing a sophisticated search program to cross-match unique writing styles, they locate the author of the work. Just in case Christine is not found in time, Susan tricks an old-time friend, previous employer and failing publisher, into printing and distributing the novel. She agrees to edit and promote the book to insure its success. The FBI is suspects that this is a kidnapping for ransom, considering Susan s wealth and vulnerability as a single mother, or it s a carefully orchestrated plan to eliminate the child from Susan s secret relationship with a woman. Because of her travel schedule and work habits, it made it easy for Perno to access her daughter. Susan had made frequent trips to the Caribbean to meet with a girlfriend from England where they roomed together at a clothing optional resort. A tabloid newspaper s release of nude photographs of the two women walking the beach hand-in-hand sends the media into an accusatory frenzy. A reporter suspects that the woman s involvement with Susan has something to do with the kidnapping, so they strategically released the information. The scenario sends the FBI in the wrong direction. A local sheriff bugs Victory s office and records information that she and her co-worker had made a private airplane jaunt that he believes has something to do with finding the kidnapper. He threatens Scott with obstruction of justice if he withholds vital information. In a private interrogation, the detective scares him into telling him Perno s name, but Scott has no idea where he may be. The sheriff begins his search in hopes of beating the FBI to the punch. When Victory tells Susan that she knows the name of the kidnapper, but does not know where he is, Susan confirms in her mind that Victory is more qualified than the FBI and agrees to give her a little more time to locate him. At the same time, Victory tells Susan the reason w

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