The False Fat Diet: The Revolutionary 21-Day Program For Losing The Weight You Think Is Fat

The False Fat Diet: The Revolutionary 21-Day Program For Losing The Weight You Think Is Fat

  • Publish Date: 2001-01-30
  • Binding: Mass Market Paperback
  • Author: Elson Haas M.D. Cameron Stauth
Haas, Elson M./ Stauth, Cameron
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It's a fact: not all weight is really fat. Much of being overweight is caused by allergy-like food reactions. This "false fat" is easy to put on, but it can be hard to take off. Now you can do it--this week--with the revolutionary False Fat Diet. In just a few days, you can lose 5-10 pounds--and 10-20 pounds within two or three weeks. This healthy, practical 21-day nutritional program includes

- Identifying which foods you react to--and replacing them with the right foods for your body chemistry
- False Fat Week--the amazing 7-day period when your swelling and puffiness subside, as you lose ten pounds
- The Balance Program--a personally customized diet that returns your metabolism to normal, and takes pounds off steadily as you reach your ideal weight
- Delicious, easy-to-prepare, reaction-free recipes, created with popular, health-conscious chefs, that don't drastically cut calories the way other diets do

This scientific, no-hunger, individualized regimen is the only diet that can work for everyone. If you know you swell up after bee stings, you avoid bees. If you know a close encounter with poison ivy will leave you itching and scratching for a week, you keep your eyes open for three-leafed plants. But, according to The False Fat Diet, many of us spend our entire lives eating foods that "don't agree with us," and as a result carry around extra pounds, put up with allergies, and go through life looking older and feeling less energetic than we should. Of course, the hook here is weight loss. If you eliminate the foods that make you gassy and bloated, you can probably drop pounds instantly--up to 10 pounds of "false fat" in a week, Elson Haas says--and then keep dropping weight in subsequent weeks and months, the real fat, all without feeling hungry or deprived.

Haas offers two ways to figure out if you've got food sensitivities: a medical blood test or an elimination diet, in which you cut out certain foods for a while, then gradually reintroduce them to see if they're the ones causing the problems. (The usual suspects: dairy, wheat, corn, sugar, eggs, soy, peanuts.) The False Fat Diet offers detailed instructions on how to eliminate each of these foods, and also offers ideas about supplements to take and other strategies to deal with the strangeness of not eating what are probably your favorite foods.

Although the basic idea behind The False Fat Diet is counterintuitive--that the foods you like and crave the most are causing you the most severe physical problems--the potential benefits are enormous. Haas and Cameron Stauth tell numerous stories of patients (including Stauth and his sister) who lost weight instantly, looked younger, and felt better by following the diet that makes the most sense for them. --Lou Schuler

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