A Child Of Eternity: An Extraordinary Young Girl'S Message From The World Beyond

A Child Of Eternity: An Extraordinary Young Girl'S Message From The World Beyond

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This is a book about mystery--the mystery of divine love, the mystery of human connection, and the mystery of a reality that exists beyond our five senses. In A Child of Eternity, you will learn about a remarkable young girl who, against impossible odds, brings us a message from God, a message the world desperately needs to hear.
On December 8, 1981, Kristi Jorde gave birth to her first child, a beautiful baby girl named Adriana. But as the months and years went by, Kristi began to wonder if something could be wrong with her daughter. Experts insisted Adri was normal. Not until she was four years old did an astute doctor diagnose Adri's problem. Adri is autistic.
Kristi soon learned about Facilitated Communication, a keyboard technique that allows autistic people to communicate with others. Adri's first attempts at FC astonished her mother; clearly, Adri had long been aware of everything around her. Then something happened that was so startling, so breathtaking, that Kristi could barely believe it. Adri began to tell Kristi about her past lives, about Jesus, about the concept of spiritual masters--and about the guides that were available to help Kristi on her own path to enlightenment.
Confused at first, Kristi was soon overcome by the authority and truth that emanated from Adri's writings. The body of knowledge that Adri possessed, and was now sharing with her mother, broke all the boundaries that Kristi had always held. Adri's determination to send forth a profound message of God's love to the world was a triumph. And now the story of her journey and the wisdom she reveals can be shared with all who will listen.
A Child of Eternity is a dramatic and powerful narrative about a special young girl who is part seer, part angel. As we share her amazing story, we too are called to an awakening of the spirit. Anyone seeking evidence of God's presence in the world will not fail to be moved by the truth of A Child of Eternity.

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